My business: Quick and dirty update (1/3)

Friends & fellows as announced I kept working on my business over the last weeks. Here is my first out of three quick and dirty updates.

It is far from perfect – BUT DONE!

Mission Statement – Check
“Giving small companies a fair chance in the fight for new customers with the omnipresent big players.” This short shark tank pitch of small farmer Johnny Georges from Florida says it all. My eyes were watered up!
As I am not a shark with money I will give my clients my precious time, creative ideas and 100% of enthusiasm.


Name und Logo – Check
Simple to understand and says directly how I try to help. Not too creative but hey there is the Afroman ;).
unnamed Kopie



Launch Campaign – Check
For the launch of the website I commit to this crazy challenge:


“50 coaching calls within three months for FREE to help YOU grow your business”


Own Website – Check 
Check the website out here and join me on this mission. We will write a great story we all will remember! Click on the picture and have a look!
 First customers – Check
Read about how I helped Christian to attract new fans and customers here.


Far from perfect. BUT DONE!


Enjoy and be happy.
Mario, Munich, Germany
#doneisbetterthanperfect #newchallenge #newcustomers #excited

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