How you can help with my resolution for 2016


Experts including Tim Ferriss, the Dalai Lama or Steve Jobs identified this critical factor to their success.


And they are right whenever you communicate your goals actively to your social crowd, make them somehow official, post them on facebook… the more likely you gonna reach them.

When I celebrated Silvester with some of my best friends Stefan, Markus, Andi, Emelie and Eva we all exchanged our resolutions for 2016.

So today, although little late, I share my most important resolution from this unforgettable Silvester dinner (and I wasn’t drunken yet!).

My most important resolution for 2016

For more than a year now I am experimenting in finding my business purpose. I worked for a “food from the source startup” in marketing, developed a prototype for sponsor software, dealt with rejection, had my first big failure…Hell of a ride so far.

I enjoyed trying different things. But now I feel inside I need something more stable. Not as stable as my former job with adidas. But a little more stable than travelling around the world with a backpack.

In 2016  I commit to give my best in founding my own company.

“I will offer my online marketing and sales skills to help small and midsized companies in capitalizing on the tremendous opportunities in today’s digitalization age.”

I want to prove that online marketing is not a secret exclusive riddle only reserved for nerds.

It is a skill like cooking. Everybody can learn it if she wants to.

How you can help me

As you all properly know it is not easy to start something new from scratch. I have a lot of enthusiasm but also hell of respect and fear of failure.

To overcome this fears and mental downs I will need your help.


How you can do that.

  • Motivate me whenever you see me doubting.
  • Support me whenever you see me struggling.
  • Give me honest feedback when I am asking you for it.

Or just kick my ass when you feel I need it.

I know I only can do this when I have people around me I can rely on.

Rest assured I will return any small favour!

Enjoy and be happy.
Mario, Ravensburg Germany

P.S.: If you also want to share your resolution to ensure you achieve your goal in 2016 leave it in the comments. Be accountable! It is never too late.


One response to “How you can help with my resolution for 2016

  1. Nice move! Actually I always thought that it is a good idea to make a resolution public. My resolution for 2016 is learning to code to start a motivation web app for people to lose, keep or gain weight. You can follow its progress here

    It needs a lot of passion to start your own thing but it is absolutely worth it! Keep going man!

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