I tried THIS technique to overcome my fears!

Let’s be honest! Everybody has fears! Professional, private, mental or whatever ones. My biggest fear at the moment is that I made the right/wrong decision regarding my new employer:

  • Am I too old for this entrepreneur stuff? All my colleagues are 8 years younger than me?
  • Can I happily live from a salary which is a quarter of the cash in my previous job?
  • And will I finally love to go to work again?

One morning after a semi-good night out I woke up coz of my host and friend Sebastian snoring. Having all these fears present, I thought I have to act and searched some inspiration.


I found the TED talk video from Jonathan Fields of how to turn your fears into your fuel. I watched the full 17 minutes. Well, invested time! So I encourage you now: DON’T read on!  But WATCH & LISTEN carefully!

As I know not all of you are good listeners ;), I summarized the main points for you of how to disempower your fears to have a better professional & private life.


The main reason for fear is the fear of failure! I will disappoint myself, my parents, bosses etc. In this context, you start to imagine the worst case possible and create a doom day scenario! Your fears are consciously or unconsciously taking control over your behaviour. For whom of you does this sound familiar? Raise your arm now! My arm is raised!


The essence of his approach is three powerful questions:

  1. What if I fail and I recover? Don’t create a doom day scenario, but a very realistic one! And plot out how would you recover from your failure.
  2. What if I do nothing? Imagine this scenario. In a lot of cases, this scenario is the most frightening one. I would remain a wantrepreneur for the next 10,20 or so years. OMG!
  3. What if I succeed? That’s the fun part. Paint a picture 5 years ahead and imagine you have done it.


In the good old spirit of the “experimental lifestyle” I tried this technique. I spent several hours of honestly answering all three questions. It was a hard workout for the brain. But as for the freeletics experiment the results were awesome:

  • Writing down the scenario helped to realistically see what could happen. It was actually not that bad that I expected. And my bulletproof recovery plan – going back to Rio de Janeiro and try my luck there 😉 – didn’t sound too bad.
  • The part of what happens if I do nothing was the most powerful question for me. Not trying if I could succeed in a small startup, sounds just not me! I favour emotional roller coaster in comparison to predictability and security.
  • If the latter question got the ball rolling. The success question is the fuel to keep me determined and disciplined. Lining out the success story gave me a warm rewarding feeling. And spinning around with this idea is really fun!

As said everybody has fears. But the one’s who actively act against them are rare. So I encourage you. Be rare, be unique! Face your fears! Don’t let them take over control of your life. Try out Jonathan Fields “Fear Reframe and Disempower Technique” or whatever technique you can find.

Don’t postpone, Do it and stick to #noexcuses!

Enjoy and be happy!
Mario Carlos, Germany, Munich

If you have other ideas of overcoming fears share them in the comments!  If you know somebody you think this post might be helpful for her. Share!


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