How I became a master in discipline & determination – The aftermaths of my Spartan experiment.

It is over – #yeah – and I got fantastic & surprising insights. Click through and read about my results, key learnings and also what you can do to achieve similar results.

If you can’t remember the start of the experiment read Part 1 and Part 2.

My results after +15weeks of freeletics

My commitment was:

“I will train at least 2 times a week from now for 3 months.
I will do all the workouts proposed by my freeletics coach app”.

And I sticked to it! I trained outside or inside, in the dirt or with sunshine, with rain & snow, be it freezing cold outside or a sunny winter day. There were #NOEXCUSES!

My body got shaped! Check the before and after pic! (#nofilter)


For the metrics, I am still pushing hard.

My fat goal: Despite 1 month low carb diet and the freeletics training I “only” came down to 16% bodyfat. I lost nearly 8 kilo of fat. But still there is this beer belly fat back from my hard drinking days :(.

HELP! Someone knows a spot-on “belly fat burning recipe”?

My muscle gain goal: At least for me, freeletics is not a program to gain a lot of muscles. It is more about shaping and defining them. Completely fine for me but for my goal of plus 15% of muscles a disaster. Failed!

What I learned during the 15weeks of training – and what You can learn as well!

Everybody of you (Be honest!) has a dream, goal or anything in mind which you didn’t accomplish due to a lack of discipline. Got you?! During the past weeks, I experienced a perfect lesson in discipline & #no excuses. I trained to my limits. I passed #hellweek the “Mount Everest” of the freeletics program. 7 days training with 2 workouts per day, overall 5406 repetitions. Here the breakdown (for the details of the exercises click here.):

1150 squats
990 pushups
605 burpees
590 situps
530 pullups
216 lunges
200 leg levers
165 jumps
960m Sprint

Finishing this week I didn’t consider as possible but I made it! On day 7 I felt fully exhausted and wrecked. But proud having reached my personal “Mount Everest”.

It was and still is a hell of a boost for my mental strength!

But what about my fitness level? Fitter than ever before I assure you! Countless burpees, squats, pull-ups have done their job. But the most positive effect of this new fitness I realized performing my beloved skiing sport. My legs stay strong till the last run.

This secure, strong feeling during shredding around the Alpes is priceless!

I never want to miss that anymore.

Now it is time for YOU to take action!

If my story and countless others (click here) is inspiring for you – don’t wait any longer! Download the freeletics app and get your #assoffthecosycouch. You will have a better relationship & feeling with your body and feel fitter than ever before! And get a free lesson in mental strength for free on top! #noexcuses for the “busy” managers amongst you.

You can integrate freeletics easily in your daily life as you can exercise wherever you want!

Still doubts? I could already help some friends kicking their asses. So if you need a discipline manager I am open helping you to reach your goals! I will provide you with a framework of how to get started and how to keep going!

PM me or write a comment instantly otherwise you missed the moment!

I am looking forward to hearing from you, your goals & commitments.

I wish you all a happy easter, good training sessions and some quality time with your family and friends!

Enjoy and be happy!
Mario Germany, Berlin

Training Impressions of my freeletics group


9 responses to “How I became a master in discipline & determination – The aftermaths of my Spartan experiment.

  1. Great article! Very well written and inspiring! will work on my discipline and regular workouts as well… thx!!

  2. Sooooooooo! Bin stolz auf dich bruder. Aber vergess nicht dein grinsen das noch viel mehr inspired! Als nächstes machen wir den Gino zur Maschine und dann gibts Kaffee beim Valerio während die Zamanta links souverän deinen Hartschalenkoffer bewacht….

  3. Yeah!!!! That’s the attitude!!! Well, i want we can do a Challenge!!!! I dont know, maybe we can do International spartan challenge Germany vs Mexico, friendly and healthy. Exercise without gym equipment, only bars, only squats, and only body weight. My reason is simple, Now i’m Churido (is like a paunchy) because i don’t do exercice, and i dont gonna spend my money at the gyms because they are very expensive, (I paid 215EUR for month) and i dont saw results. If you want, we can follow the results month per month, or every 5 months. This is my challenge, if you are agree, i listen (figuratively be cause i have to read) yours terms. What do you say!!!!

  4. Danke für die Inspiration. Bin jetzt in der 8. Woche. Der anfängliche Schweinehund war gross – jetzt gehört Freeletics zur Tagesroutine. Ride on, buddy

  5. Wow, me encanto tu artículo. Yo comencé mi propio reto de comer saludable y realizar ejercicio diariamente hace ya un año y considero que ese hecho me ha cambiado mucho tanto física como mentalmente. El día de hoy creo en la disciplina y constancia para poder lograr cualquier objetivo en la vida. También creo que así como tratamos de ahorrar e invertir para nuestra vida futura, al mismo tiempo deberíamos preocuparnos en invertir en nuestra salud, revisando nuestra forma de comer y realizando ejercicio diariamente o al menos 5 veces al día. Considero que es una buena inversión para que al llegar a una edad madura podamos ahorrarnos las medicinas y visitas al doctor. Felicidades por tu logro.

  6. For the first time in my life I’m working out at least four times a week and after almost 13 weeks it’s already fun. 🙂 Have never felt so fit.

    Thx for motivation and inspiration, bro!

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