How much costs a trip around the world

One of the promises in my first post (What’s it about) was to give you an overview of the costs for my one-year journey. So here it is. I have detailed data of every single day on the road. Hard facts based on my actual experience.
When sharing these figures with friends they were quite surprised about how low the total amount was.

Let’s play a small game: Have yourself a guess about the figure and compare it to my reality!

Why did I do this?

I didn’t keep track of my expenses because of budgeting and cost control. I just wanted to see through how much cash a simple-minded guy like me is burning during such a trip.

My advice regarding this topic: Don’t plan and do by all means not start budgeting your trip. Just keep spending on the things which give you the best return on your investment in terms of positive emotions.

Sound’s cheesy! But it is true!

How did I document all the expenditures

The two notebooks you see in the pics were my main tool in order to keep track of all my expenditures. Every day in the evening, I took a 5min hammock break, noted down all the expenses of the day and classified them into 7 different categories.

Food & Beverage
Night out
Technical gear

Finally, every end of the month I took a 20min hammock break and transferred all the data to the excel file “travel expenses”.

How much I spent in each category

In order to keep you excited I first address the different categories and their portion of money consumption. As you see in the list below surprisingly transportation absorbed already 25% of my hard earned Swiss Francs. Rank 2 and 3 go to Food & Beverage and Accommodation.





Food & Beverage






Technical gear




Night out


You might ask yourself:

Why does he have a separate category for technical gear? Well lads three embarrassing stories.

– Literally on my first day I realized I forgot headphones and the chargers for my iPod and cell phone (overall 80€). On that first day, I also missed my connection flight in Housten. Hell of a start!

– My “just for this trip bought” Google phone got lost/stolen. Quick fix was a fake Samsung Galaxy for 80€. And on a stopover in Chicago I bought an Iphone 5+ for about 500€.

– My laptop’s screen broke after one month in Panama. After unsuccessfully searching local computer markets for a proper replacement, I bought a new ASUS Laptop (including a stupid insurance WHY THE HELL DID I DO THAT??) in Ravensburg at the Media Markt for 750€.

These expenses were definitely avoidable. I have a miserable knack for technical gear.

Total expenditures for my trip around the world

Overall I traveled 347 days (Panama 1 month – Brasil 3 months – Europe 2 months – Central America 2 ½ months – Brasil 3 months).

For this journey including all flights, transfers, local bus fees, snacks, surfboard rentals etc.

– I spent the total amount of 20.368,18 € –

That means an average of 58.70€ per day.
Most expensive countries were surprisingly Switzerland with a daily average of 130€.
Cheapest country was Mexico with 23€ per day.
In Brazil I spent about 40€ per day.

If this is a lot for you or not is not the point. Yes, the more cynical readers among you might say well you actually didn’t travel the world you “only” visited Europe and Latin America. You are right. These costs are my individual ones and reflect my life I had during this one year. So don’t be too German 😉 and take it as I would like you to look at it – a real life experience.

Finally, it comes down to the point that I don’t want money to be the “holding you back factor” when you considering a world trip. Let me reemphasize that money cannot buy emotions. And emotions you will have plenty during traveling and discovering the world. Positive and negative I promise!!

Enjoy and be happy
Mario Ravensburg, Germany


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