HALF TIME: Part of the three 300 already?


I have gone a little more than half way of the freeletics 100 day challenge. It is hard, brutal and pushing me beyond my limits.

How do the workouts look-alike?

The workouts have names like greek gods & goddess. They sound sweet like Venus or Aphrodite, more terrifying like Ares or Zeus. But no matter if charming or intimidating. Opening the workout in your App feels always like opening Pandora’s box. See below my overall program for the current week.

  • 40 Pikes (Kipping Handstandlike Pushups)
  • 170 Jumping Pullups
  • 120 Push-ups
  • 200 Kneepushups
  • 310 Situps
  • 450 Squats
  • 20 x 40m Sprints full speed

To see how this exercises are performed register on www.freeletics.com  and check it out.

Status of objectives & achievements

Initially I wanted to reduce the amount of fat. 25% is very unhealthy I read! And here we go:


To spice the whole thing up I added an additional objective:

To increase my overall volume of muscles by 15% within the last step of my training. I measure the circumference of my arm, waist, hips and legs.




Status Jan 15

Body fat




Muscle volume


600 cm

Lets see how I will do with my muscle volume!!

Discipline & Motivation

I used the website stickk.com to discipline myself. I didn’t have to spent one Euro for Max’s cigarettes. CHECKED!!

Furthermore I created the Facebook group “Spartans – 2015 NO EXCUSES!” We are 11 mentally strong apprentices pushing ourselves to reach our training goals. The group helps a lot in staying focused. So who ever has the discipline will be happily welcomed to the group. And remember it is about being better that you are today and about to conquer your weaker self (innerer Schweinehund überwinden!). NOT about competing against each other.

Beside these tactics I recognized a far more important aspect of the challenge – Discipline, No excuses. If your mind is strong, focused and determined you can do it! No matter if I will be part of the 300 Spartans at the end of the challenge I will have learned a great lesson in discipline! That alone was worth the pain!

Enjoy and be happy!

Mario, Berlin, Germany

P.S.: I am off now to meet Venus!!


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