How I will try to look like a one of the 300 Spartans AU AU AU!!


A few weeks ago I posted a photo on facebook about me finishing my first freeletics workout. I will take that serious. So here is my commitment:

“I will train at least 2 times a week from now for 3 months.
I will do all the workouts proposed by my freeletics coach app”.

 How to determine success:

Learned that for success it is crucial to have measurable objective I come up with the following metric:




Amount of Bodyfat



What is freeletics? (

Freeletics is an own bodyweight training program which allows you to train where ever and whenever you want. It gives you all the freedom and flexibility to integrate the workout in your daily routines. Sounds great for me so I started one week ago with training. The workouts are hard and will push you to your limits and sometimes even further. Therefore, the training is not only good for your fitness level but also for your mental strength. Latter will make the difference between failure and success.


Discipline is the key factor of success in accomplishing whatever you want to accomplish. So to keep myself motivated and disciplined I developed the following action plan.

  • I already encouraged some friends of mine to join me in the freeletics program. Welcome Flo, Philip, Robert and Jonny. So we keep ourselves updated and motivated about our progress.
  • I write this post so that if I would fail you all will know about that. It would be a real embarrassment for me.
  • I registered myself on an online “discipline” program. Every week I will have to report my progress on the workout plan. If I fail my commitment automatically there will be 90€ transferred on the bank account of my friend Max Pflaum ( So over the whole period I bet 1,080 €. The money he can only use for cigarettes. As all of you know I hate smoking. So it would really piss me off knowing that Max will smoke his next cigarettes on my bill. Not to mention I don’t have any income at the moment;).

There are other websites and services to keep discipline. Check out or

Next steps

Half way I will give you all a heads up of how it is going and how many cigarettes I paid Max.

By the end of the training, I will show you the famous before and after comparison picture. No matter what the result will be I promise I will post it.

If there is someone wanting to jump in. Drop me a PM via FB or write in the comments. I can then add you to our training group.

Enjoy and be happy.
Mario Zurich, Switzerland


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