A reminder: Simplicity


Why now a post about Simplicty?

This article is basically a reminder to myself. But why not sharing it with you fellwos.

What are my thoughts about simplicity

An approach and a commitment to focus on the simple enjoyments life has to offer… I do not agree with the artificially created complexity of society, politics, religion or big companies. They all force us into their systems and creating blind followers. Questioning the status quo will be turned down, you get pitiful smiles from friends or resigned answers. “What am I capable of doing changing the world…”. It is not about the society or whatever you should change. Be selfish and simplify your own life. Liberate yourself a little bit from all the pressures, expectations and obligations which are overwhelming us every f*cking day.


The comedian George Carlin really nailed it and inspires us to simplify in a funny and entertaining way. But there is a lot of truth in his words. Enjoy and laugh about his thoughts on simplicity.


As everybody should know roughly one year ago I sold all my STUFF (hahahahaha) to feel free and live out of my backpack (see post Preparation). It was liberating and still feels somehow good. But I also have to admit that being now back in Switzerland and adapting again to daily life here makes it more difficult. I actually will have to buy some new STUFF be it because I need it or just want again to have more. A little bit of materialism is taking over again and I cannot and don’t want to fight it. As long as I feel truly happy with it I give it the Go.

More important for me is to listen to that voice in my heart, and acting on it.

Enjoy and be happy
Mario Carlos
Ravensburg, Germany


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