How to loose up to 10kg in one month


Food was and is always fascinating me and one of my passions. I am always curious to learn more about what is the best food for me, am I eating healthy, what diets are working…

Already some years ago the bestseller “4 hour body” from Tim Ferris delivered some interesting approaches to the latter. The author is a guy like me (or probably more vice versa) that likes to challenge status quos and loves experimenting. In his book he promotes a diet called “slow carb diet” which promises to loose 5-10kg within one month. It is similar to the well known Atkins diet but has also differences. Best and most convincing is its simplicity. In contrast to other calorie counting, weightwatcherpointcollecting diets you ONLY have to follow 6 rules to achieve incredible results. Today I want to share this rules with you.

1. No carbohydrates and milk products on your menu. This includes rice, bread, pasta, all kinds of grains, potatoes, corn and so on. Check out this link for more details.

2. Instead eat Proteins (beef, pork, chicken, fish, eggs), pulses (beans, lentils) and vegetables (spinach, broccolis, cauliflower, carrots…). Be careful with tomatoes or avocado which are fruits, they are ok but don’t go nuts with them.

3. Don’t drink any calories. Whaaaat no juices, milk, lemonades, nothing? Yes I am serious only water or tea, coffee without sugar.

4. No fruits. Now he’s gone completely mad. No I didn’t. It is a fact that every kind of sugar (also fructose) will be processed to fat by the lever. And we don’t want to gain we want to loose fat!!!

5. Cheat day. I liked this rule the most because on this day you can eat whatever you want. Eat pizza, burgers, chocolate, cakes whatsoever. Eat like Homer Simpson is eating his donuts.  Be aware that this day is an essential part of the diet as it teaches your body not to slow down its energy production.

6. Eat more. I found out that you definitely have to  more meat, veggies and so on like I was used to before. Otherwise you will not succeed, probably feeling tired and without enough enery.

That’s all ???!!! YES it is and it works. My personal experience was stunning. I lost rapidly 5 kilos within the first 2 weeks and went down from 86 to 81kg. Beside this awesome result I noted several other positive effects. Remember when you felt heavy and full the morning after a heavy meal. Hell I do. Forget about that with low carb meals. I sometimes ate 350kg steaks, veggies… but still felt fit and vital the next day. Another phenomenon I discovered was the long-term effect. I don’t always follow the diet. So I did in the winter 2012/13. Nevertheless I sitll didn’t see any remarkable gain of weight or fat. There are also friends who report lost of 6 kilos, my mom lost 8!!!! kilos the first 2 weeks. She did 2 cheat days afterwards and still continued to loose weight.

You see if you really want to loose fat and feel incredible it is that simple. No more excuses. Get started now even if you are not 100% convinced. TRY it out for 1 week, you will already see persuasive results and noticing how your body is changing. I promise you.

One last remark. Please see the rules as I guidance. Learn your body how it reacts, try out what works for you. If you can do 2 cheat days – like I used to do – lucky you, add fruits to your menu…

Enjoy and be happy.

Mario Carlos, Sao Paolo, Brasil

I will post yummy low carb recipes upcoming weeks.


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