Central America pic stories

Not much words just check out the pics. I had a lot of fun in central america :), surfed a lot, lost too much weight (only 75kg left), spend hours and days on the road, at borders and waiting for buses see also https://mariocarlos.co/direct-bus-to-san-pedro-de-la-laguna), got on a mushroom trip in San Jose…

Average surfing day: getting up at 6, surf, breakfast, chill, surf, lunch, surf, chill, sometimes surf, chill, cooking/diner, to bed at around 9. No alcohol and no drugs (beside mushrooms ;)). And some more amazing stuff…

Life on the road

Mexico is Magico. I love this country….

Beaches, surfing, sunsets…

And the action surf pic?? I am working on it. It will be posted soon. I am positive.

Enjoy and be happy.

Mario Carlos, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

So charming, moving, pure and full of life


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