World Cup apartment

Today we only have 38 days left till the kickoff for the World cup 2014 Brazil vs Croatia. And as the whole country is getting prepared myself as well finalize preparation…

As some of you already know I rented an apartment for the time of the World Cup in the heart of Rio de Janeiro; 08.06. – 15.07 2014.
My mission is to to offer an respectively affordable stay to celebrate the World Cup together with fans from all over the world in the Cidade Maravilhosa Rio de Janeiro.

The apartment is booked well but there is some space left especially for the group phase.

– Apartment with 3 bedrooms overall 9beds
– Location in a quite and safe area of Lapa (the night-out barrio in Rio)
– Kitchen, Living room, Washing machine and Wifi for everyone
– Details of the apartment check out
So to put my mission and dream into action I would also need your help. Please share and spread the information in your international networks. It is not costing you anything and would be a great favor which I one day for sure will return.

At the end some words to the protests and other concerns out in the news.
Regarding security like in every big Latin American City you have to act different than in a western metropolis.
Avoid certain districts, areas or streets…
Don’t carry to much cash with you and leave expensive electronics at home
And other advices you can find in every common travel guide.
I myself lived 2 weeks in a favela in Rio (check out I never felt unsafe in contrary the people were very nice and friendly. Whereas I don’t want to neglect the existence of social problems, poverty and crime in these areas, I am talking about my own experience.

Regarding the demonstrations and protest you see in the news is only one side of the medal. Whilst in Rio during the Confed Cup the majority of the protesters were peaceful a small minority unfortunately used this platform for violence and excesses. I had the feeling news in Germany didn’t clearly distinguish and separate.

Despite these facts I am personally convinced that the World Cup will be a great experience for Brazil as a host and its visitors. A clear indication for that was the Confed Cup final last year. Brazil won 3:0 against Spain. In every major city it was unofficial holiday, people where dressed in yellow and green, samba drums everywhere. Positive emotions, excitement for their Selecao and pura energia…

Enjoy and be happy
Mario Carlos, San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua


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