If you type in google “world trip preparation” you will find plenty of websites and resources of how to approach long-term traveling.. I compared several of them. But rapidly I realized they all tell you more or less the same. A lot about security, insurances, planning and so on.

For myself I didn’t find this very inspiring. So I was lucky when I stumbled over the book “Vagabonding” from the traveler and author Rolf Potts. It is a deeper more fundamental approach and idea towards long-term traveling. On the other hand the book provides the reader with valuable tips and resources at the end of every chapter. Guess where I first heard about the website and possibility of help exchange ( So this book turned out to be the only resource for the trip beside my own ideas and experience.
Practically spoken I had to invest some time and made efforts to get myself ready for takeoff.
One thing was all this insurance stuff and other long-term investments I still have (not that I like them).
I set all of this insurances on hold. So I don´t have to spend not one euro. In fact I think I gonna kill them all at certain point of time. The only insurance I still have is for health and accidents costing 200 Swiss Francs per month.
Regarding bank accounts I upgraded the Swiss Postfinance account. So I can withdraw money from every ATM in the world for free. Additionally I ordered a Miles and More Mastercard to earn Miles via paying on the road.
So far easy… More difficult part was to choose the clothes and electronics I will bring. See below my final collection.
1 Jeans
1 Hoody
1 Fleece
1 adidas pant
5 T-Shirts
1 Rashguard1
2 Pair of shoes (one for going out, one casual)
1 Pair of Havaianas
1 Short
1 Boardshort
1 Cap
1 Towel
Underwear and socks

1 Laptop
1 Ipod
1 Google phone (also serving as camera)
1 Headset
Several cables and chargers

Bank details and tan generators for transfers
2 books (Vagabonding and The monk who sold his Ferrari)
Overall it made up for about 16kg of luggage.

BUT the most important part beside packing was to liberate myself from all my other belongings. And I really mean ALL. My clothes (beside all my skiing gear), furniture , books, electronics, bags and all the other stuff you are collecting during the years… Everything I sold on the flea market at Helvetia Platz in Zurich. For the furniture I found a separate deal with my roomy Christian who also took over my rented apartment. The experience itself on the flea market when selling all my belongings was wonderfully liberating. YES finally everything gone… FREE … and 2.300 Swiss francs more in my travel funds.

Enjoy and be happy 🙂
Mario Carlos, San Pedro de la Laguna, Guatemala


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