What´s it about

My life changed completely when I said goodbye to my well structured and organized life in Zurich, sold all my personal belongings beside the stuff I could pack in my 65l Deuter backpack and head into the unknown… living without a certain schedule, not knowing which surprises next days will bring.

In this blog I would like to share a little bit of the stories, adventures and the people I met on the road. You will read the experiences from my personal, highly subjective point of view. Let them be as good or as bad as they can be, I will keep it real. I also would like to share some hands on knowledge you can use for planning your own journeys. One idea is to give you a detailed overview of my travel expenditures because I am convinced too many of you think you need a horrendous amount of money for longterm traveling. I will prove (hopefully) the opposite! Last but not least I would like to write about certain projects I start during travelling. Things like the rental of an apartment in Rio de Janeiro during World Cup or how my idea of living as a digital nomad is progressing.

Which thought ever will make its way in a post depends for sure on the time I want to dedicate to writing. Although I am really up for it it took me already half a year to write this first post. I was just too lazy and rather surfed my ass of in Panama, dated Carioca girls or rode pillow lines in Alagna. Therefore a lot about this blog mariocarlos.co is still unclear and vague – and that´s good. There are no certain deadlines and milestones. And I don’t (want to) know what the outcome at the end will be.

Enjoy and be happy

Mario Carlos, Puerto Escondido, Mexico


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